Monday, July 03, 2006

How Small Is It Really?

I promise to blog about food I actually cook soon. But I thought I'd blog about my kitchen just to give everyone a sense of perspective on what I'm dealing with. Speaking of perspective, I normally don't view the kitchen from this angle, but it's something close to that. The top shelf is just over 6 ft tall which means standing on my tiptoes to reach a dish on the edge of the shelf. Or using my unstable stool to reach something farther back. Besides that, its icky lighting, icky white, and a horrible dishwasher that I just use as a dish dryer. Frankly, I'd rather have the extra cabinet space. Not that there would be room for a drying rack either though.

The kitchen is 3 1/2 ft wide at the sink (not including counter space) and then goes 7ft back; Dave informs me that standard prison cells are 9x5. I really want to take off the doors on the cabinets that are slightly open on the left. I put down contact paper, and I think it would look a lot better and open up the kitchen. Unfortunately, someone painted over the screws in the past (they also painted over contact paper on the shelves themselves). That bottom cabinet on the right is pretty much always open because that's how Remedios gets into the wall to hide. Getting and keeping her out of there would probably be harder than removing the screws on the painted doors.

Just so you know there are things I like about my kitchen. I like those two pans my Dad got me, the shelves my mom built (I helped), and the KitchenAid Mixer in the background. Oh and my Food not Bombs apron is totally cool. Plus I sold Cutco knives 3 years ago and still have them. And the cheapness ($500 a month plus electricity) doesn't hurt. I also like that I'm a 10 minute walk to Ballantine and a 2 minute walk to Bloomingfoods. Oh well - I will post about food next time!


At 12:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I lived in an apartment, I took the kitchen cupboard doors off because I didn't like the fact that the cockroaches were having parties in there. The shelf paper was nice but just like clean sheets to them, so that had to go, too. As for the white, it is somewhat institutional but there's no stainless everything else in your kitchen....I painted the cupboards a nice shade of leaf green, that brightened things up. Sounds garish in this life, though. Yhanks for sharing your kitchen, that is hospitable and generous of you. Remember: this, too, shall pass and who knows what's ahead? I hope you will have the kitchen of your dreams. Years after the cockroach antics, I live far from the urban element and have hickory cabinets (glass fronts - still paranoid) and granite countertops from Norway. It could happen. Good luck to you, Bridget. PS: Do you make coffee with a press pot? PPS Congrats on the ice cream maker, that's how I got my Acme Challenger juicer - it has all metal parts.


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